The one router WiFi model

The One Router Model Isn’t Working!!

There’s nothing more frustrating than a poor wireless connection. Having to move from room to room until you get the best signal is not convenient. You may even have a dead spot in some rooms that stops you from accessing your Wi-Fi.

Your Wi-Fi connection should be performing at its best in every room and that is never going to happen while you continue to use a single router across your home. Luckily there’s a solution at hand that could help change your lives forever.

Wifi Multi System Throughout your home or office5 x faster WiFi Leeds

The Multi WiFi System

Forget about dead spots; forget about bad signals – your Wi-Fi problems are now solved. iHomes offers a full professional wireless installation service that eliminates all those connectivity issues you faced in the past. You can roam around your house in comfort without the need to change your Wi-Fi settings, making for an unbeatable wireless experience.

Our state-of-the-art wireless access points will deliver a strong, solid connection for all your home computer networks with advanced performance and record-breaking download speeds. Our devices are up to five times faster than your average wireless access point and will maintain the same connectivity in every room of your property.

iHomes are your first choice for high-performance Wi-Fi installations in Leeds, York and Harrogate. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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