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With the growth of so many video products on the market in recent years, the pace of change has never been greater, and as a result, neither has the quality. Stunning high-definition visuals are now easily available for all, and make the idea of home cinema even more appealing. Yet with so many different technologies around, it can also complicate the issue. Not only knowing which is best, but also from finding what you want to watch and switching between different formats and systems.

Fortunately, we can offer a complete solution for all your home video needs, integrating all of your video technology to keep things simple, efficient, and easy to use – all while retaining perfect HD quality. All the hassle of dealing with different systems will be a thing of the past, as you can access everything all from one place, on whichever device you choose – or even in dedicated built in touch screen panels that can be simply installed in different rooms in your home.


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A centralised HD video matrix in your home will hold all of your video devices – from multiple Sky HD boxes, to Blu-Ray players and Apple TV. You can then access them quickly and easily all in one place, making your video selection a stress-free affair. Using Control4, HDAnywhere and Wyrestorm technology, your video will display at ultra-high resolutions, including 1080p, 3D and the very latest Ultra HD 4K – so you’ll be getting the very best in quality as well as accessibility.

Our video distribution systems are also great as part of our home cinema design, if you want to really take things up a step. As with all our products, everything will be easily integrated and available for you to operate at your fingertips.

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