Discrete Multi Room Music & Audio Visual Systems

Music systems heard but not seen.
If your music setup just isn’t doing it for you, then our multi-room audio systems may be perfect for you and your home. No more carrying tablets or laptops, worrying about speakers or having to move devices from room to room – our multi-room audio systems will store your music library centrally and allow you to access it from any room, play it throughout your entire home, or even keep it to only a selection of rooms.

Our systems are all bespoke designs, made specifically for our clients. Whatever the specific needs and requirements of you and your home, we can come up with the perfect system to accommodate and enhance them.





Music Streaming

Stream music from any mobile device

A simple app allows you to control everything centrally, wherever you are, meaning that getting the most from your audio couldn’t be easier. Or, for an even more user friendly and stylish addition, we can install handy wall touch screens to be operated in any room. Our builds range from affordable entry-level setups to the true cutting edge in home audio systems – so you can be sure we can find something appropriate to your budget and ideas.

Multi Room Audio

Made for every room.

Our designs won’t intrude on the design or decor of your home, either – speakers can be installed hidden away in the ceiling, giving you a great sound quality and coverage without needing to have ugly speakers cluttering your rooms. Your music equipment can also be stored out of sight, freeing up yet more floor space in your home.


We can offer you a free, no-obligation quote if you get in touch with us today. Simply fill out a short form on our website which will give us an idea of what you’re looking for, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote. Alternatively, you can call one of our dedicated advisors and let them talk you through the process and explain any further details. It’s completely free, and with no obligation and a wide variety of different budgets catered for, it makes perfect sense to get in touch today.


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